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My friend and I had been doing a lot of things together and we sure did enjoy each other\'s company. Then there was a period when it seemed like we were at each other's throats for practically no reason. Neither of us seemed to be able to stop jabbing and it was getting to the point of the relationship was about to end. In seeking God's help, He showed that it was a strategy of the enemy to destroy the relationship because two are stronger than one. We sought each others forgiveness and showed the enemy the door. Now if we feel strife coming on again - we deal with it right then. By By Strife.

One of my biggest issues has been with my mouth. I didnít realize how much I had been cursing my own life, my marriage and my husband. So Iíve been speaking these words here (from the Free Indeed Proclamation Card) over myself. This has been really powerful and I was still having issues with saying right things about my husband, so I wrote on the back specific verses / statements to speak over his life. The first two lines I am thanking God that He has given him a sound mind, the mind of Christ and this was just Friday morning that I did this and when my husband came home from work Friday night (and he doesnít know, even now, that I have done this and continue to pray this over him) he told me that he just had great victory all day over his mind, he was able to thwart of instantly all the bad thoughts the enemy was throwing at him. So it was really cool! God answers.

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