You are Not Alone

Life often has a lot of humps and bumps – you are not alone. When we live life we will receive a lot of damage, damage that often makes us become something we don’t want to become.
But Good News:
Jesus Christ paid the price.
God will set you Free!
God will deliver you!
God will restore you!
God will heal you!

God never condemns you – He says come on my child, I have a better way!

For all His promises are truth, yes and amen in Jesus Christ unto the glory of God. It is God’s will to do all these things and He is not a liar! God loves you and wants you to live life abundantly. He is for you not against you – He created you in the heavenlies and He has made the way through Jesus Christ for you to be Free – won’t you take it today? It is a today thing – not tomorrow, not next month, not next year – take it TODAY!

  • For you will know the Truth – and the truth will make your free (John 8:32) – For who Jesus Christ sets free is free indeed (John 8:36)!
  • So hear His voice and truth today. He wrote it down in the Bible: “Today, if you will hear His voice and do not harden your hearts…”

Freedom Ministry Approach

In one sense, this ministry approach is to help people restore and heal from life hurts and get free from the things that entangle them. I believe God the Father wants ALL His people set free and the broken hearted healed as indicated in Isaiah 61 and Luke 4. Jesus has paid the price and the gift of freedom is available to ALL those who will receive. Let me be really clear – this is not about me or the ministry – I have no power to deliver, heal or restore you but I can point you to the truth of God and pray with you. The Good News -Jesus Paid the Price and God will deliver, heal and restore you when you turn from it to Him. His Holy Spirits’ presence and power can eradicate anything that has you bound or down and replace it with God’s love and blessing for you.
Click here – To find out what the Freedom Ministry Approach is and what it is not. >>>>

The goal is that you know and walk in freedom – be a living witness to the Lord God Almighty – then share the truth with others and help them get free!

Ministry Terms

Freedom Principles

 First I want to take you through some freedom principles that this is based on then you will go to the areas of need and call on God for your great exchange.
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Freedom Centers
Select a Freedom Center

Let's Get Going - Get Free

 So let’s get going, I’m here to support you in your journey to complete freedom. Today, we are going to call on the Lord to eradicate and replace!
Click on the area above where you need God’s help – don’t worry it is normal to have several. I get freer every day.

Here is what you will see in every Freedom Center:

  • Summary of the biblical principles we will apply
  • Specific biblical truths, teaching / analogies and freedom prayer for you to claim and release freedom in your life (audio)
  • Booster shot button – be encouraged and take another dose of God’s medicine!

P.S. It is also o.k. to go back again and get a booster shot when you need help standing against the enemy in freedom! God will meet you wherever you are at when you call out to Him.

Freedom is a Choice

Take a moment right now – decide what you want to give up today – you see, you have to let go of it for God to fix it.

 If you hang onto it – you keep it. If you give it up – He takes it and replaces it.

Remember, it is only Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit that can deliver and set you free. I have no power to free, restore or heal you, but God does. Keep your eyes on Jesus – He paid the price for you and for your complete freedom. He is the only reason you get free! God will do what He said He will do – every time, always! This is between you and God – He knows all of it already. He knows your heart – His mercy endures forever - He will always do what He says He will – He is the only true triune God – His Holy Spirit confirms His truth with mighty signs and wonders. His presence and His power drive the enemy far from you.

The Freedom Journey

Everyone’s freedom journey is different!
Stand: Once you are free in Liberty!

Everyone’s freedom journey is different. Each of us has different areas that need healing and different things we need freedom from. The Good News is Jesus paid the price for all of them – so don’t expect your journey to look exactly like anyone else’s – God’s freedom path is designed specifically for you and what you need. The principles of God’s truth are the same, but the freedom walk is often different because it is between you and God.

Stand: Once you are free – keep standing in liberty with God. The enemy will contest it but Good News, Jesus always makes a way and He is on your side. Ride it out – it will not last – purpose in your heart – I’m sticking with God and I’m coming out of this! I once heard TD Jakes say, "Don’t let life kill you over a temporary circumstance."



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