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I smoked for over 20 years and tried all kinds of ways to quit but it never lasted. Then God delivered me when I repented and turned to Him for freedom -- Jesus Christ set me free, healed the wounds behind my addiction and then gave me His strength to stand in that freedom when the enemy would try to seduce me back. I\'m sticking with God your way is such a better way to live. Thank You Jesus that you paid the price for my salvation and my freedom.

I smoked an average of 60 to 70 cigarettes a day and thoroughly enjoyed every one! No matter the time of day or type of cig Id smoke it in a heartbeat I loved to smoke. Then God revealed to me the powerful and profound truth behind it all that it was of the enemy, it was controlling me and it would kill me but that He wanted me to live abundantly and free. I turned to Him and He set me free. In fact, I want to tell you an amazing thing that God gave me the strength (Phil. 4:13 &19) to do when I was set free. I kept a pack in the cupboard and each day I opened it and spoke to it - that it no longer had any power over me. That was over twenty years ago Bless God I am free-- Jesus paid the price for you and me -- You can be free! Steve

My life history spans a long trail of abandonment, rejection and emotional abuse. I turned to substances for dulling the pain of my past. I was delivered from alcohol, yet the decption remained that smoking was a less harmful option and a practical defense between me and having that first drink. Later I realized that I had kept the door open to the enemy\'s influence in my life through accepting these lies. I went to great lengths to hide my smoking from others and to deny my growing dependency on it. I tried to stop many times-to no avail- because my efforts weren\'t based on what Jesus Christ did for me. They were just different formulas applied in my own strength. Then God showed me the truth: The validity of my need for comfort; the deception I walked in apart from Him to fill that void; and His desire to heal me - \"right needs / wrong way\"". When I turned to H

I had smoked for over 53 years. In fact, my exposure to smoking starte in my mother's womb. I don't blame her, though -- it was my choice to start and keep smoking. God had delivered me of alchohol and many other addictions but I never seemed to be able to let go of the smoking. Praise God I did. I am delivered and the wounds behind my addictions were healed with the Love of God. Praise the name of the Lord. Nothing is too big for Him. James

I started smoking when I was 12 years old. It was hard to keep the habit because I had to steal cigarettes! But that is how sinister addictions can be. I smoked until I was 42 years old, 30 years of smoking. I was saved when I was 30 but kept on smoking. I was able to change lots of other things in my life but the smoking stayed. The last 10 years that I smoked I started hating it but it wouldn\'t go and I had no courage or strength to quit on my own. But God knew that. He had a plan and He knew my heart. He put motivation in my life to quit and when it happened it was a miracle. I knew that I did not do it in my own strength. He set me FREE. I was free from that bondage and will never go back.

I'm a highschooler and got into a lot of things I shouldn't have. I turned my life back over to God, repented and asked Him to deliver me. He did! I am free from homosexuality, cigarettes and all kinds of bad habits. He's a big God!

I could never seem to kick the habit for good. I thought I was stuck with it forever - wrong - when I began to understand the truth of God that the bondage could be broken and God could strengthen me to stay free - I went to Him - He is my deliverer. I am no longer fooled by the enemy tactics that try to drag me back - I know how to speak the word of God and defeat everyone whenever they come!

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