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I had a compulsive eating disorder and many control issues. I got into the presence of God and I turned it all over to Him and He changed me! The eating disorder immediately disappeared and the control issues continue to be removed. As I give it all to Him and let go, they go. He is faithful, so just let go and Let God heal you, deliver you and restore you -- He will -- I know!

Hi my name is Kathleen. The doctors told me I had MS in the fourth stage and needed to get a wheelchair for the rest of my life. I went to God, claiming His Truth, that Jesus Christ paid the price for my healing. We prayed in agreement for my MS to depart. Praise God it is gone. After the prayer I went to the doctors who told me again to get the chair. I said no, I don't believe your report, God has healed me of my MS(even though the facts hadn't changed yet I stood with the truth in faith). A week later they took another MRI. My MS wasn\'t there. They thought the test was faulty and had me take another - still not there. I said I told you God healed me. Stand fast on God's truth, He always completes it.

I was a performance junkie - always striving to be accepted and had my identity wound up in my position and work. I was my position - then suddenly it was no more. I realized I had wrongly identified myself and God showed my why I was so performance driven due the the holes in my soul / heart. When I let God heal those - repented of hanging onto them and reaching to other things instead of Him for my identity - WOW - now I\'m His kid - no better position to be in -- Loved unconditionally by God - thank you Jesus you paid the price for me!

Praise the Lord, He has set me free from connections with the occult, alcohol,lust, anger, suicide, impure thoughts, drugs, Jesus has given me freedom in so many areas of my life. Again praise the Lord.

I received deliverance and ministry for long-standing illness (Parkinsons), renounced oppression and stepped into freedom from generational bondages. Praise God Thank you for being obedient to our Lord Jesus Christ.

I was hooked on porn for a long time - and didn't think there was a way out. But God delivered me, erased the thoughts and broke the bondage. In Jesus name I am free and living cleanly!

A Christmas Miracle. Many of you know my story, but for those who don’t, I’d like to share it and express my sincere gratitude to everyone in the ResLife family. In July 2006, I started the process of having my teeth fixed and pulled. After that, I went through 6 months of healing and my mouth dropping, which made me look older than I am. Having your teeth pulled is a very humbling experience. It was a process of tearing down pride and moving closer to God, learning to trust Him in every area of my life. I discovered who my friends really were; who was judgmental and who really cared and lifted me up when I was down. In September, my dentist informed me that I needed to have my remaining teeth pulled and be fitted with dentures. I had some state aid for this, so I began the process. After all my teeth were out, but before I received my dentures, I lost my state aid. I felt God had put it on my heart to send my son to live with his dad because he needed a father in his life, and when he left, so did my aid. When I let the state know that my son was in his father’s home, they told me that I should have waited to tell them after my teeth were in, because now, the dentures would not be covered (even though they were already ordered). I did it the way that I did because I am honest and knew God would bless me for doing the right thing. I needed $1800 for the dentures. I didn’t know how, but I knew God would provide the money. I waited patiently on the Lord, serving RLC in the Walking by Faith ministry, helping with Food Services, and even shoveling snow. Months passed and Christmastime came, but little did I know that my miracle was about to unfold. Unbeknownst to me, Deb Kirgis, the director of Walking by Faith, sent out an email to the ResLife staff on December 12, telling my story and asking if anyone would like to help. Within 2 weeks, the Res staff pulled together, along with choir members and my ResLife family, a grand total of $2140! Deb said the money came in like a floor. The week before Christmas, I went to a luncheon provided by a Walking by Faith donor at church. When I got there, everyone was standing around, talking and waiting to eat. Deb thanked everyone for coming and then called me up beside her to “help her with something”. I didn’t know what was going on. She began to tell my story and handed me an envelope. When I opened the envelope and saw the check, I started shaking. I buried my head in her shoulder and began to cry. Words cannot express the emotion and thankfulness I felt at that moment. God is so good! That afternoon, I went straight to the bank and then to the dentist’s office. I told them it was God money, and what had happened. They all wanted to touch it. I brought some of my ResLife sermons for them and when I left, they were fighting over them. They keep asking for more. On January 4, 2007, I received my teeth. All I can say is that I should have worn a name tag that weekend, because a lot of people didn’t know who I was! It feels good to smile again – when you see me smiling in the halls, know that I’m smiling for Jesus. As Deb from Walking by Faith says, “We won’t need to turn the lights on in the church, because Gisela will light up the hallways with her smile!” My favorite reaction was from Kathy Harrell, a receptionist in the front office at Res. She had really walked with me on this hard road. I waited about a minute before she walked into the front office, my mom at my side. All she could do was stand there, staring at me. She looked like a deer in the headlights. Her first words were, “Oh my gosh, I can’t stop looking at your mouth. I’m sorry, I feel like a proud mom!” Tears of joy filled her eyes. I felt so much love from her reaction - it showed how much she loved me. Lori Rosenberg had the same reaction. Pastor Ken and Bruce were funny. All Ken could say was, “Wow, wow, wow!” Bruce said, “I can’t believe how much it changes you. What a difference!” They say you can’t walk until you crawl. My thanks goes out to Deb Kirgis and Walking By Faith, for pulling together as the leading of the Holy Spirit put in on the hearts of men to help pay for my teeth. So many people were touched by God through this process, including everyone who works at the dentist’s office, even the doctors, as I brought ResLife to them through books, tapes and prayers. During one of my appointments when my teeth were being pulled, the doctor was having trouble getting one to come out. I began to pray in tongues right there in the chair, and sure enough, my tooth just fell out, right into the doctor’s hands! Needless to say, he was amazed, but I wasn’t. That’s God! When you are going through something big, you feel like you are wearing a scarlet letter and everyone is shying away from you. To some extent this is true, but the worst thing you can do is withdraw. This is a time more than any other that you need to be with people of God and receive their encouragement. Keep your focus on Christ instead of your problem or else you’re going to sink just as surely at Peter sank when he walked on the water to Jesus. My thanks also go out to friends like James and Linda Taylor, the Worship & Creative Arts Department, Michelle B. and all my ResLife family. But most of all, thank you Jesus! In Christ, Gisela Grant.

I had difficulty believing that God could use me and work through me to help others. When I heard the truth - that it is Him and not me it freed me from that old lie. Now I ask for kingdom appointments everyday - its amazing who God brings in my path and Jesus paid for each ones answer - salvation, healing, deliverance, reconciliation and wholeness. Praise God - He is mighty through us!

God has been teaching me and convicting me to obey His ways since I asked Him too. It is wonderful - if I start to say something negative or not in line with His word - the Holy Spirit gives me a cross-check. Thank you Lord for helping me stay in Your Way!

My feet were swollen and having trouble. I went to God for healing and had a sister in the Lord pray in agreement with me. It didn't feel or look any different but I kept believing God not what I saw with my eyes. The next day, the swelling went down and everything is o.k. Praise God He is my Healer!

I was an angry person. Then I came to God to be freed and asked Him to give me new eyes to see people the way that He sees people. Wow - I see so much more and so differently. I've chosen not to dance with anger anymore - Thank you Jesus for all you did for me!

I am free from others criticism. Everyday it seemed someone was finding fault with me. I was becoming upset and angry. Then God instructed me to thank Him for each of these people - I thought Lord this is nuts! He said it is a spiritual principle - forgive them and thank me for them. When I started doing this I didn't feel like but did it in obedience to Gods Word Matt 5. As I continued - the anger left and the enemy was unable to torment me with these comments. Thank you Lord your ways are higher than our ways!

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