GOD WANTS YOU FREE - Let the God of the Universe define you - not your circumstance, not your past, not others and not the enemy (satan & his forces). God is willing and able to set you free if you turn to Him - Jesus paid the price. Want to hear the freedom principles that this is based on before proceeding? Click Here 

   Teaching and Freedom Prayer

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   Freedom Release and Blessing

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Keep your eyes on Jesus Christ - Jesus is the only reason you get set free! I don't have any ability to deliver, heal or restore you - only the Lord God Almighty can.

The Good News is - God is willing and able - He Loves you and He does what He says He will do - He is a trustworthy, triune God. He's a Big God - bigger than anything you face in life.

Turn from it - humble yourself - give it to Him and let Him remove it, exchange it and restore you with His Love - His mercy endures forever - it is never too late, never too deep, never too long. Give it to Him today! GO ON GET FREE

Booster Shot - Stand in Liberty and Press On

"Purpose in your heart today to stick with God & not return" Acts 11:23
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*** If the audio buffers a lot / starts & stops - try downloading to hard drive or CD - be patient big files.

God Loves You

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Need a Good Laugh?

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Anger is something that creeps up on you and you don't even realize it. I would find myself lashing out and not walking in love and forgiveness and sometimes not even knowing what was going on. Then, the Lord started to reveal to me the bad fruit in my life. It lead me into a process of finding where the bad fruit came from. I found that I was not walking in forgiveness and had to learn to lay down those things that offended me. I made a choice to start walking in forgiveness. Satan would come back and try to tell me I have not forgiven someone but I know that is not true. I stand against that lie and choose to walk in the truth. If I choose to submit to God by forgiving others, resist the devil and the lies he is telling me, then the devil has to leave. I do not have to live in the emotional bad fruit of anger because I have followed God's command to forgive now. Forgiveness is not a feeling or emotion. It is a choice and a decision to turn away from (repent) from the sin of holding others in account for what they have done. If I don't forgive I will be caught in the trap that the devil set for me. Thank God He has given us the ability to see it and be set free from that trap in Jesus!!!

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Life Continues - Freedom Journey

Life will have it's humps and bumps - It's peaks and valleys. We live in a fallen world and your adversary (the enemy - satan & his forces) will contest your freedom. You see, you are dangerous to his kingdom now that you are free and know the truth!

Fear Not - If God is for you - what adversary can stand against you? He will never leave you nor forsake you (Hebrews 13:5) - stand in liberty -- submit to God and resist the enemy - he has to flee (James 4:7). Yes, he will try to come back - but don't listen, don't consent - keep forward with Jesus - God will strengthen you -- your crown awaits in heaven! See you in heaven someday.


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