Freedom Principles

First I want to take you through some freedom principles that this is based on, then you will go to the areas of need and call on God for your great exchange.

Freedom Foundational Principles:
 You have an enemy – his name is satan and he has forces (demons). They have a purpose which is opposite of Jesus Christ.  John 10:10 makes this clear, the enemy (satan and his forces) comes to kill, steal and destroy but Jesus came that we might have life and have it abundantly.
 So we will discern the enemy and where he is attacking you and kick him out with the authority that Jesus gave us as children of God.

Know the Truth:

  •  God Loves you – He wants you
  •  You are protected when you are God’s child and continue in obedience to God
  •  You have an enemy (satan and his forces) – he wants to kill, steal from and destroy you
  •  Jesus paid the price for you– it is done and all sufficient
  •  It is a free gift – you don’t earn it or deserve it

God has outlined in His Truth of how to get free and stay free:

  • Recognize: The area out of line with God – where the enemy has attached to you and you want to get rid of it.
  • Repent: Admit and turn from and renounce (cut-off) ways opposed to God’s ways; ask for and receive God's forgiveness.
  • Forgive: With Jesus' help, forgive anyone who has hurt, wronged or betrayed you (detach from the wrongs and enemy forces they  implanted in us)
  • Eradicate: Call on God to eradicate any enemy operation in your life in Jesus name (kick-out / cut-off the enemy)
  • Restore / Replace: Call on God to restore all damage, heal all wounds and replace the wounded area with His love and spiritual fruits in Jesus name (receive good gifts in exchange)
  • Stand in Liberty: Submit to God going forward and resist the enemy (show him the door when he tries to return)
  • Help Others: Spread the good news of Jesus Christ!
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