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Big Question Additional FREE Resources

Language Greetings in the Big Question
In the book on various pages are other languages, French, English, Italian and Hebrew. Teach your children the meaning of using greetings and what language they are speaking. See the short list of greeting explanations. This is also a good time to explore that God made each race and each individual. That we respect each individual regardless of language or race.


Truth or Not?
What to do when the question arises in the book -- "Do you believe it is Truth - why or why not?"
Link Coming Soon.


Theory vs. Truth
Teach your child the difference between theory (an idea which may be supported by some facts but then has someone’s thoughts added to it) vs. God’s Truth (God’s thoughts written down and continually being proven right with facts). Some lessons to consider – test all things; don’t believe everything you hear; your inside tester – your spirit witnessed to by God’s Holy Spirit;
Link Coming Soon.


Earthly Rewards vs. Eternal Rewards
Teach your children earthly things are temporal and God's things are eternal. We should do earthly things with excellence because we do them unto the Lord. What we do here on earth will be rewarded in Heaven someday by God. Ask them what things are eternal and what things are temporal?
Link Coming Soon.


Food Chain in 6 Days!
Read Genesis 1 - how many days did it take God to create the entire Animal Food Chain? 2 Days! Take a guess at how many animal species & kinds there are in this chain? Millions - and we still haven't discovered them all!


Responding to Critics
How to handle the don't sees and won't sees!





The Big Question came about in a fascinating way.  One evening while reading the Bible in bed, God downloaded into my spirit the following:  

First: He was tired of people giving credit elsewhere for what He created! He is the Creator of it All!

Second: He gave me a story to teach children this Truth and how not to exchange it for a lie.  

Instantly the book's storyline, characters, and roles were flooded into me and came to life as I jotted them down.  The following weeks, after inquiry of the Holy Spirit to instruct me, the details of each chapter were written out.  Yes, supernaturally and suddenly inspired by God through a very human vessel.  The editor and illustrator, "kingdom connections," were set to work to bring to life the words and illustrations of God's wonderful world.  The result -- the book you see today!  Thank You Lord for inspiring all of us and making it possible!  Michelle

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