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Click for More DetailsInspired Books:
Informational material & books in the following areas: business management & operation, personal development & books of truth (Christian) for all ages.
Click for More DetailsInspired Games & Toys:
Games & toys whose goal is to inspire purpose and identity in its users!
Click for More DetailsInspired Services:
Providing educational, consulting & facilitation services through workshops, camps, meetings & various materials in the areas of; Coaching, Creativity, Facilitation, Business & Product Design, Auctioneering, Mentoring, Leadership & Liefstyle.

by desiGn ®
   “It’s all His design”  
Click for More DetailsLife by desiGn:
Assisting individuals and families in living life by desiGn in the following areas: Life Enhancement - addiction eradication / staying free; restored relationships and family wholeness.
Click for More DetailsLiving Spaces & Life Goods by desiGn:
Assisting in the desiGn of and idea generation for the following areas: Interior Spaces & Furniture; Clothing, Jewelry & Accessories; Outside Spaces - landscape & garden.
Click for More DetailsMinistry by DesiGn:
Assisting with the desiGn and development of ministries to solve social issues by applying biblical truth.



Purpose & Background of inspired desiGn, llc:

inspired desiGn, llc. is centered around our tagline "Purposeful Identity," which we believe is best if inspired by the Lord God Almighty (thus the capital G signifying where our inspiration comes from).

Our goal is to ensure that whatever the product or service that is offered, that it enhances the God given identity and purpose of both what it is as well as those who engage with it. Whether we are designing items or providing services, we will do so with a spirit of excellence, as unto the Lord.

Be blessed, Michelle


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Special Corner

Landscape Idea
Community Support - Get your local ball teams to spread your bark for a donation to their program. Get the yard work done and generaously support your local kids!


Jewlery Tip
Sparkling Shine - need to clean some jewelry - try a touchbrush with Palmolive soap water. See the shine!



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